In Service Design, we map the end-user's journey through the service as a whole and look into where to focus the efforts. In developing sustainable and desirable services, we use various methods including prototyping, workshops and visualization. Our methods are based on deep customer empathy (e.g. ethnography), which identify customers’ genuine and unarticulated needs and distinct customer segments.

Our aim is to design a service that meets the customer experience objectives and the service provider's business objectives. Applying Service Design tools and methods, we align the service channels with the internal organizational processes. This simplifies the service experience and reduces complexity in the organization.

  • From customer insights to internal processes


Understanding the customer and designing a superior customer experience are central aspects of any Service Design project.


The initial stage looks at developing a deep understanding of the customer from the outside-in. It also involves the client organization to understand the relationships and interaction with its customers.


We conduct structured sessions to generate well-grounded concepts based on defined insights and frameworks. The sessions bring together people with multidisciplinary background and encourages building on each other’s ideas. Output is a collection of targeted and relevant concepts.


We convert ideas into concrete forms that are easier to understand, discuss, evaluate and communicate than abstract ideas that are described in words. The output is a visualization or a prototype that show what concepts look like and how they work.


The next step is to combine valuable concepts into reliable and systemic solutions that are actionable for future successful implementation. The output is a solution that creates user value and leverages on business drivers.

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